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          Welcome to WZPV ! 10-12 September, 2021 Wenzhou city, China

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          Free Hotel Room

          Free Hotel Room For Overseas Visitor!

          Only 100 Rooms! First Come First Served!

          Thank you for your interest in 2021 China (Wenzhou) Int'l Pump & Valve Fair (September 10-12, 2021).


          ONE free room for Overseas Visitor

           ONE free room for ONE company

          ONLY 2 nights free hotel during the exhibition, you have to pay the extra fee if you overstay

          Free hotel is only for Oversea Visitors including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

          The Organizer will cancel your hotel reservation if we didn't receive your air ticket info before 10 August, 2021

          Changes are not allowed after you submit your itinerary

          If you have any questions regarding hotel application, please contact us at wpv@donnor.com

          图片.pngTo submit the hotel application, you need to finish Pre-Registration first

          Procedure for application (READ CAREFULLY PLEASE)

          • Submit the Free Hotel Application Online

          • The Organizer will Email you the result in 7 working days

          • For successful applicant, you will receive a "Hotel Confirmation Letter". Please Print and Bring it with you

          • Check-in the hotel and Pay Deposit to the hotel

          • On September 10-12, go to the fair groud, present the "Hotel Confirmation Letter" to the Staff in INFORMATION DESK at VISITOR REGISTRATION CENTER 1, you will receive a "FREE HOTEL COUPON"

          • Show the "FREE HOTEL COUPON" to hotel staff and get your deposit back


          Free Hotel Application